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  • Troubleshooting? Allow us to run a full diagnostics on your tracker.
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General questions
No contract. No cancellation fee. Unlimited data is a core feature of all of our GPS tracking plans!
Your tracker obtains a GPS satellite signal, calculates its position, and uploads the data to your PositiveGPS account via the AT&T cell network. This is handy as it does not require an expensive satellite-uplink!
Yes, the enclosure is weather-proof.
Use the supplied USB-micro cable, or any USB-micro cable. You may use a typical cell charger or any powered USB port (computer, vehicle, etc).
We stand by the product with a 2-year guarantee.
Getting Started
  1. Plug the tracker and charge to full.
  2. Visit and register your account and add your tracker.
  3. Choose your subscription, attach the tracker to your asset, and begin tracking!
  • Place the tracker in a location that has at least a partial view of the sky.
  • Be careful not to enclose the tracker entirely within metal (this blocks the GPS satellite signals).
  • The tracker may be simply placed inside of some assets, and attached to others.
  • Attaching via wire ties or adhesive magnets yield excellent results.
  • Unplug from charger for 30 seconds and plug back into charger for 1 hour.
  • Check your account at - are there any warning messages?
  • Confirm that your tracker has at least a partial view of the sky.
  • Confirm that the tracker is not upside-down.
  • Is the tracker in a location with a reasonable cell connection?
  • Contact - we'll be happy to run a full diagnostics on your unit and get you back to tracking ASAP.
  • If your tracker does not have a sufficient GPS satellite signal, it will use cell tower signals to determine its location.
  • This is called cell-trilateration. If many cell towers are in range, this can be very accurate.
  • However, if there are only one or two towers in range, this may be very inaccurate. If there is only one in range, then your tracker's position will simply be that cell tower's own GPS position.
  • Check the "report history" tab of your account to see the "location method"
  • If the "location method" is "GPS", then your position should be very accurate indeed. 99% of reports should have this location method.
  • If the "location method" is "Cell", then your position may be inaccurate due to cell-trilateration fallback.
  • You can lessen the usage of cell-trilateration by attaching the tracker to your asset in such a way that it has a better view of the sky.
  • You may opt-out of geozone entry/exit alerts caused by cell-trilateration reports on the "manage" tab in your account.
  • 100% USA In-House Support.
  • Integration Strategies.
  • Custom Orders.
  • Bulk Quotes.